Girl with terminal cancer fulfils dream of becoming a police officer | UK News

A little girl with terminal kidney cancer has fulfilled her dream of becoming a police officer.

Six-year-old Abigail Arias was dressed in a specially-made uniform when she was sworn in as an honorary officer in Freeport, Texas, on 7 February.

The police department posted a video of the ceremony on Facebook, which shows Abigail standing on a chair and taking an oath with her right hand raised.

The force wrote in an accompanying post: “Congratulations to the newest member of the Freeport Police Department, Honorary Officer Abigail Rose Arias! She took an oath today to continue fighting the bad guys until she is cancer free!”

Members of her family and police officers from across the state watched on as she was sworn in.

Abigail has recovered from cancer before but has now been it has returned in the form of a Wilms’ tumour – a rare kidney cancer found in children, ABC News reports.

Doctors have told the family that this time there is no cure.

Her mother Irene Arias told ABC News: “They basically said it’s time to enjoy some life.

“(It has been) extremely tough.

“We cried for a few weeks.”

Abigail's parents watched on as their daughter took the oath
Abigail’s parents watched on as their daughter took the oath

Abigail’s father Ruben said: “To go through this and to realise that there is nothing you can do for your kid, as a parent, it was tough. It was very tough on us.”

Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr first met Abigail back in December at the police department’s “pancakes with Santa” event.

The girl told him that she wanted to be a police officer when she grows up.

The police chief then set about fulfilling Abigail’s dream, and even acquired a Freeport police uniform specially designed to fit her.

The uniform was donated by a company called Cop Stop.

Police officers from across the state watched the ceremony
Police officers from across the state watched the ceremony

He told CNN: “Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting ‘the bad guys’ inside of her – I just wanted to make her dream come true.”

“You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is.”

He added: “She is no doubt God-sent.

“Her story brought peace officers from all over today into one room and it was a magical moment for all who were in attendance.”


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