Injured at rallies in Chemnitz

On Monday evening there are clashes in Chemnitz between right and left demonstrators.
Throws of fireworks and other items injure some people and require hospital treatment.
At the city festival on Sunday, a man had died after a stabbing, now warrants were issued against a 22-year-old Iraqi and a 23-year-old Syrian. Already on Sunday there had been far-right riots.
One day after the attacks on foreigners, it came on Monday evening in Chemnitz again riots at rallies. More than a thousand people demonstrated against right-wing violence. At the same time a rally of the right scene took place. According to estimates, more than 2000 participants have been published, reports the German Press Agency.

The police tried to prevent right and left groups from clashing. But that was difficult in the heated mood. Later in the evening, firecrackers and bottles flew from both assembly camps, and several were injured to the hospital for treatment. The police used water cannons as a barrier between the two factions as the right-wing forces began their demonstration route. The police called on the right-wing protesters to post their “disguise and objects” via Twitter.

After the two demonstrations had dissolved on Monday night, admitted a police spokesman a lack of staff in its own ranks. It was expected with a few hundred participants and prepared accordingly, but not with such a number of participants, he said on request of the German Press Agency. “The mission was not trouble-free.” Police chief Sonja Penzel had assured that sufficient forces had been requested in the afternoon. It was not allowed to allow the Khazians to seize the city, she said.

On Sunday there had already been riots in the city, to which right-wing extremists had called on the Internet. The trigger was that the night before, a man with German citizenship had died. The prosecution has filed a warrant for arrest against a 22-year-old Iraqi and a 23-year-old Syrian, who are strongly suspected of stabbing the man.

Shortly after a demonstration against right-wing violence on Monday in the city park of Chemnitz, hundreds of protesters pushed towards a rally of the right-wing scene across the street. There they chanted slogans like “nationalism out of their heads” and “there is no right to Nazi propaganda”.

Prime Minister Kretschmer denounces hounding and self-justice
In sight and earshot, the right-wing scene had requested a rally through the city center at the Karl-Marx-Monument. Estimated 1000 people gathered there. At the monument a banner with the saying “Deitsch un ‘frei woll’n mer sei” by the poet Anton Günther (1876-1937) was attached. Hundreds of riot police had closed the road between the two rallies.

The Saxon head of government Michael Kretschmer (CDU) had previously denounced hate and self-justice. “It’s disgusting how right-wing extremists on the Net are calling for violence and calling for violence, and we’re not letting the image of our country be damaged by chaos,” he wrote Monday afternoon on Twitter.

The police and the judiciary worked hard to clarify the tragic events. “One person has lost his life, two more are seriously injured, the facts must be fully informed and the perpetrators are held accountable.” For this one needs a comprehensive picture of the events and no assumptions, speculations and rumors.

Hunting scenes on foreigners
On Sunday, after being called in social networks, around 800 protesters took to the streets, including many right-wing extremists. It should also have been hunting scenes on foreigners, eyewitnesses report. Participants of the protests also threw the police with bottles.


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