Rummenigge confirms Rudy sale

Sebastian Rudy changes from FC Bayern to the Ruhr area FC Schalke.
The national player costs the Schalke about 16 million euros.
By Benedikt Warmbrunn
At the very beginning, it looked like Sebastian Rudy and FC Bayern would make a year-long connection, and not just one for 14 months. Rudy was in the club for a few weeks as he already celebrated his greatest personal triumph. At the beginning of August 2017, Supercup in Dortmund, the 88th minute, the Borussia leads 2: 1. Then Rudy gives a free kick from the right side, with a lot of feeling and clarity, right on the shoulder of Niklas Süle. The ball bounces against the crossbar, it creates a tumult, Joshua Kimmich scored the equalizer, extension, the FC Bayern wins on penalties. And he, Sebastian Rudy, then an entry from Hoffenheim, had initiated all this.

On Monday afternoon, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the club boss of FC Bayern confirmed that the connection between the club and the player ends after not even 14 months. Rudy was just in Gelsenkirchen for medical check, and should he complete this as expected of all, the change to FC Schalke 04 would be perfect. “That was a logical step from him that we agreed to,” said Rummenigge. The transfer fee is reportedly at 16 million euros, this may come with bonus payments. Rudy, 28, is to receive a four-year contract on Schalke. Also RB Leipzig had been interested in Rudy, but hesitated before financing.

By the Rudy change FC Bayern has now successfully detoxified its midfield center, which has seemed so bloated a few weeks ago. Arturo Vidal has already joined FC Barcelona at the beginning of August. Rummenigge did not rule out that anything could change until the end of the transfer period on Friday. He said, however, that the club would not replace the injured Kingsley Coman. On the wings trust the club Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Serge Gnabry. “In addition, nothing is planned on the position.”


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