Weight Watchers mocked for slimmed-down rebranding to WW

Weight Watchers rebranding may not have gone quite as it intended, with the brand mocked after slimming down its name to WW.

Some people have pointed out it has a regrettable connotation when spoken out loud.

Diana Mahon, from Kent, wrote on Twitter: “Just heard on the radio how Weight Watchers are having a rebrand and their new logo is WW. Say this out loud and it says ‘double u double u’ .. surely they should [be] promising to half you not double you ???”

The company says the name reflects its new emphasis on wellness – although Mindy Grossman, WW’s chief executive, has been unable to say what the initials stood for.

She said the letters were “a marque” for the brand which “represents our heritage and history and what we are going forward”.

Plans are in place for WW to launch an app with meditation company Headspace as well as starting a programme called Wellness Wins, which encourages healthier habits.

Ms Grossman said WW was hoping to focus more on wellbeing overall, rather than solely on weight loss.

The company’s has changed its slogan to: “Wellness that Works”.

Journalist Lauren Turner commented on Twitter: “It takes twice as many syllables to say the new #WeightWatchers name #WW as the original. Maybe that burns more calories or something?”

David Bottomley, from Shepshed, Leicestershire, wrote: “Not only is ‘WW’ more syllables than ‘Weight Watchers’ I’m not sure ‘double you, double you’ is the right slimmed down message. #weightwatchers.”

The rebranding comes after the American company, founded 55 years ago, controversially offered free membership to teenagers earlier this year.

American chat show host Oprah Winfrey is an ambassador for Weight Watchers and bought a stake in the company in 2015.

She has said that the company’s role in people’s lives “goes far beyond a number on the scale”.

WW had 4.5 million subscribers at the end of June.


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